Function (Fn) key combinations - 3000 C100, C200, N100, N200, V100, V200 notebooks

The following table shows the function of each combination of Fn with a function key.

Function key combinations
Key combinationDescription
Fn + Esc Mute the sound from your computer.
Fn + F1 Volume down.
Fn + F2 Volume up.
Fn + F4 Put your computer in standby mode. To return to normal operation, press the Fn key only, without pressing a function key.
Fn + F5 Enable or disable the built-in wireless networking features. If you press Fn+F5, a list of wireless features is displayed in the Wireless Radio Control window. You can quickly change the power state of each feature in the list.
Fn + F7 Open the window for Choose Presentation or Display scheme. If you press Fn+F7, a list of schemes is displayed in the window. You can quickly select a scheme in the list. For information on applying a presentation scheme, refer to Presentation Director.
Fn + F10 Make the computer display brighter.
Fn + F11 Make the computer display less bright.
Fn + F12 Put your computer in hibernation mode. To return to normal operation, press the power button.
Fn + Insert Scroll Lock (ScrLk)
Fn + Delete Numeric Lock (Nmlk)
Fn + PrtSc Has the same function as the SysRq key.
Fn + Pause Has the same function as the Break key.
Fn + PgUp Has the same function as the Home key.
Fn + PgDn Has the same function as the End key.
Fn + cursor keys

These key combinations are for use with Windows Media Player. They have the following functions:

  • Fn + down arrow key: Play or Pause
  • Fn + up arrow key: Stop
  • Fn + right arrow key: Next Track
  • Fn + left arrow key: Previous Track

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