How to use the Tablet Digitizer Pen - ThinkPad X41 Tablet
Using the Tablet Digitizer Pen

The Tablet Digitizer Pen and pen accessories are found in a box included in the ThinkPad computer shipping box. You can use the pen to control your computer as you would with a mouse or keyboard.

This pen is not waterproof. Take care not to soak or dip the pen in water.

You can store this pen in the slot located near the front of your ThinkPad computer. Press it gently into the slot until you hear a click.

To remove the pen from its slot, press it gently into the slot (1) to release it; then pull it out (2).

To remove the pen, press it gently into the slot to relsease it, then pull it out.

Note: The pen contains pressure sensors. Do not push the tip of the pen for an extended period of time. Do not subject the pen to shock or vibration.

The Tablet Digitizer Pen consists of a tip (2) and two click buttons (3) and (4). Hold the pen and point the tip at the display to move the cursor (1).

The Table Digitizer Pen consists of a tip and 2 click buttons

To make a selection (single click), tap once on the display. To double-click, tap twice without pausing. To do a right-click, tap and hold the tip on the display until the right-click icon appears; then lift the tip from the display.

Pressing the tip-side button (3) is the same as a right-click. The back-side button (4) functions like an eraser in supported applications.

Note: You can disable or enable the pen buttons in the Tablet and Pen Settings panel.

Using the Tablet PC Input Panel

Besides functioning as a basic selection tool, the Tablet Digitizer Pen also allows you to write text or draw on the screen, as you would pen on paper. Different ways of input can be accessed from the Tablet PC Input Panel on the Windows taskbar.

Table PC Input Panel

To configure the Tablet Digitizer Pen settings by referring to the instructions found in Launching the Tablet and Pen Settings panel.

Replacing the Tablet Digitizer Pen tip

The Tablet Digitizer Pen tip may wear out during the course of its lifetime. Replacement tips and a tip removal tool are included in the pen box shipped with your computer.

To replace a pen tip, do as follows:

  1. Use the tip removal tool to grip the pen tip; then pull it out.
    To remove the tip, use the tip removal tool to grip the pen tip
  2. Insert a replacement pen tip fully into the Tablet Digitizer Pen.
    Insert a replacement pen tip fully

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