BIOS Update I (Diskette) - ThinkPad 1400, 1500 (Machine Type 2621)
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BIOS version R01-A3h - System Program Service Diskette [DSKEXE]
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r01-a3h 20 Feb 2001
README for BIOS version R01-A3h - System Program Service Diskette
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r01-a3h 20 Feb 2001
The BIOS Update enhances certain ThinkPad i Series systems to address operational issues, add new functions, or expand functions as noted below.

Only the following ThinkPad i Series Type and Model numbers are supported:
- i Series 1400:
Type 2621 - 42* (Except 422, 429), 43*, 44* (Except 442), 46*, 48* (Except 482, 483, 486, 489), 4A*, 4B*, 4C*, RR3, RR4, RR5

- i Series 1500:
Type 2621 - 540, 541, 547, 548, 560, 567

- Your machine type and model is located on the bottom of your system, just above the bar code symbol.

See the Additional Information section for easy instructions on downloading, creating, and installing the BIOS Update diskette.
Additional information
Installation instructions
1. Print this page so that you will have the instructions easily available.
2. Click the underlined link name spsdix3h.exe in the File Details section with the right mouse button.
3. Click Save Link as... or Save Target as.. using the left mouse button.
4. Using the left mouse button, click on the folder icon that has the up arrow in it (see image below circled in red) until the Save in: box says Desktop.
save window

5. Click Save to save the file to your desktop.
6. After the file has finished downloading, close all of your open applications.
7. Insert a high density floppy disk into the diskette drive.
8. On your desktop, locate the file spsdix3h.exe and double-click it with the left mouse button.
9. Follow the prompts on the screen to finish creating the BIOS Update diskette.
10. After the BIOS Update diskette has been created, close all open applications, shutdown the operating system, and power off the ThinkPad.

NOTE: When updating the BIOS, you need the AC adapter and a fully charged battery pack. If you experience a system hang during a system BIOS program update while the "Updating System BIOS..." message is displayed, the system BIOS program may not have been updated. Contact the IBM HelpCenter for additional assistance.

11. Ensure that the BIOS Update disk that you just created is inserted in the floppy drive.
12. Firmly connect the AC adapter to the system.
13. Power on the system.
14. When prompted, press the 1 key to update the BIOS.

Warning: Do not turn off the computer until the update has been completed. IF YOU TURN OFF THE COMPUTER WHILE THE UPDATE IS STILL IN PROGRESS, THE SYSTEM BOARD MAY HAVE TO BE REPLACED.

Summary of changes

BIOS information with links to previous BIOS releases
Each version of the BIOS update contains the following system program.
Version *1
Build ID
Bios Version
(NoteBook Mgr.) *2
1.0712/11/99V 3.0 R01-A2IIXB128WWV 3.0 R01-A2I-ENspsdix2i
1.1101/31/00V 3.0 R01-A2MIXB132WWV 3.0 R01-A2M-ENspsdix2m
1.1302/29/00V 3.0 R01-A2oIXB134WWV 3.0 R01-A2o-ENspsdix2o
1.1504/24/00V 3.0 R01-A2RIXB136WWV 3.0 R01-A2R-ENspsdix2r
1.1606/19/00V 3.0 R01-A3BIXB137WWV 3.0 R01-A3B-ENspsdix3b
1.1808/21/00V 3.0 R01-A3DIXB139WWV 3.0 R01-A3D-ENspsdix3d
1.1909/15/00V 3.0 R01-A3EIXB140WWV 3.0 R01-A3E-ENspsdix3e
1.2011/13/00V 3.0 R01-A3HIXB141WWV 3.0 R01-A3H-ENCurrent Release
*1 This BIOS version can be viewed by IBM BIOS setup Utility.
*2 This BIOS version can be viewed by NoteBook Manager.

The BIOS Version can be viewed by selecting System Information in the BIOS Utility menu:
  1. Power on the system.
  2. When the message Press F1 for IBM BIOS setup Utility appears at the bottom right hand corner, press the F1 key. Wait for the BIOS Utility screen to appears.
  3. Select System Information. The BIOS version is displayed on the System BIOS Version line.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please do try the following options:
1. Lenovo Assisted Search
2. Product usage and general troubleshooting tips
3. Lenovo Support Forum
4. Technical Support Call Centre

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