System board removal and installation - NetVista 2289, 6824
  1. Turn off the computer and peripheral devices and disconnect all external cables
    and power cords.
  2. Remove the cover. See Cover removal.
  3. Disconnect all wires connected to the system board.
  4. Remove the 5 screws that attach the system board to the chassis.
  5. Slide the system board toward the front of the machine, and lift out from the
    back, as shown. When installing a system board, lower into place and slide
    toward back of machine to lock in place.

    Note: When replacing a system board, make sure that you take the existing
    I/O shield off the new system board before doing so, as the I/O shield is
    built into the chassis. Replace the hex nuts once the I/O shield is removed.

    removing the system board
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