ACP modem driver for Windows 95/98 - ThinkPad 600, 770/ED
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English - README for ThinkPad ACP Internal Modem for Windows 95/98
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2.36 16 Oct 1998
English ThinkPad ACP Internal Modem for Windows 95/98 [PFTW]
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2.36 16 Oct 1998
These drivers provide 56k x2 support and include Modem Country update v1.20 for the 600 and v1.50 for the 770. This package provides an internal Modem driver for Microsoft Windows 95/98 users.

This release supports the following models:
- ThinkPad 600 (withI nternal Modem)
- ThinkPad 770 (with Internal Modem)
- ThinkPad 770ED (with Internal Modem)

See the bottom of this page for links to language specific versions of this file.
Additional information
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NOTE: You should update the modem software to V.90 and if you plan on using your ThinkPad outside of the United States, Canada, or Japan, this update will enable your modem to be V.90 capable for all supported countries. Follow this
link to download the latest V.90 release.

Summary of Changes

- (New) Support for ThinkPad 770
- (New) Support for ThinkPad 600 and 770ED
- (New) Support for Windows 98
- (New) Additional country support
- (Fix) Corrected an exception error which occurs two 128MB DIMMs are installed.

Installation instructions

First, you must remove the version of the modem software currently on your machine. To do this, follow these instructions:

1. Start Windows 95 or Windows 98.
2. Extract the Modem drivers to your hard drive.
3. Click Start -> Run...
4. Type C:\DRIVERS\W9X\MODEM\SETUP in the Open field and click on " OK ". This will execute the Modem Setup program.
5. Follow the instructions on the screen to remove the current modem software from your machine .
6. Restart the machine when the removal process is completed.

After the machine reboots, follow these instructions to install the new level of software.

1. When the machine restarts, the 'Update Device Driver Wizard' dialog box appears. You should see a box like this one:
unknown device wizard screen shot

2. Click on [ Next ]. Windows will search your system for the correct install files. Because Windows will not automatically search in the C:\DRIVERS\W9X\MODEM directory, Windows will not find the drivers for your modem. When you are prompted by the Update Device Driver Wizard for "Other Locations" to install drivers from, click on the " Other Locations " box, and type in " C:\DRIVERS\W9X\MODEM ", and click on the ' OK ' button. Windows will display the following message box:
digital signal processor screen shot

3. Click on [ Finish ]. Windows 98 users can skip to step 6. Windows 95 users will then see the following dialog box (and should continue through steps 4 and 5):
insert disk screen shot

4. Click on [ OK ]. The 'IBM Setup Disk ' is found in the C:\DRIVERS\W9X\MODEM directory. Windows 95 is looking for more installation files, and will display the following prompt:
inert setup disk screen shot

5. Type in " C:\DRIVERS\W9X\MODEM " in the 'Copy files from' prompt to point Windows 95 to the modem driver files to continue. Click [ OK ] when you are finished.

6. For both Windows 95 and Windows 98 users, the modem install will now begin.

7. The ThinkPad Modem for Windows install will prompt you for the destination of the files. We suggest you use the default directory (C:\MWW). Follow the prompts on the screen. When the install is done copying the files, your modem features will be installed.

If you plan on connecting to V.90 servers, you should download the V.90 Upgrade Package. The package includes V.90 support for all supported countries.

Click here to go to the V.90 Upgrade page for the ThinkPad 600, 770, and 770ED.

National Language Support
Only some drivers will be available in other languages. If you do not see a listing like this for additional languages, then that driver is available in English only. The English driver will work in ALL countries. This driver is available in the following language format. (NOTE: If the version numbers below do not match the version number given above, then the updated driver listed above is available in ENGLISH only!):

DK - Dansk - v2.36
FI - Finnish - v2.36
FR - French - v2.36
GR - German - v2.36
IT - Italian - v2.36
NE - Dutch - v2.36
NO - Norwegian - v2.36
SP - Spanish - v2.36
SV - Swedish v2.36

If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please do try the following options:
1. Lenovo Assisted Search
2. Product usage and general troubleshooting tips
3. Lenovo Support Forum
4. Technical Support Call Centre

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Last Updated : 04 Feb 2013
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