Intel Rapid Storage Technology enterprise (RSTe) software is not compatible with ThinkServer TS130

Intel RSTe software will not install on a ThinkServer TS130 system due to being incompatible.  The ThinkServer TS130 requires Intel RST.  Installing RST on a ThinkServer TS130 that is running Windows 2012 may take several minutes to complete.

Affected configurations

The above symptom is associated with, but not limited to, the following systems:

  • ThinkServer TS130

Operating systems

  • Windows Server 2012


The ThinkServer TS130 system supports Intel RST and it does not support Intel RSTe software for the management of the embedded storage RAID controller. RSTe software will fail to install on a ThinkServer TS130 system and is, therefore, not supported.


To manage embedded storage on a ThinkServer TS130, use Intel RST software (SetupRST.exe) or the BIOS configuration utility (Press Ctrl+I during POST).

Intel RST software is located at the following URL:*&DownloadType=Drivers


Use RST or BIOS configuration to manage the onboard storage subsystem.

Additional Information

When installing RST on a ThinkServer TS130 system, the process may take several minutes.  The execution of the SetupRST.exe file will be quick and the system will need to reboot.  When the system reboots, Windows will not complete boot for several minutes.  The system will display a screen that the Windows process is in progress during this time.  Allow the system to complete this process to avoid complications.

Do not reboot or power down the system.  Interrupting the RST upgrade could affect communication with the boot device and require a full operating system reinstallation.

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