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How to use the function (Fn) keys on the keyboard - ThinkPad R60, R60e, R61, T60, T60p, T61, Z61e, Z61m, Z61t

The following table shows what each function key (Fn) key on your keyboard is for and how to use them.


  • The Fn key works independently from the operating system.

Key combinationDescription
Fn + F1Reserved.
Fn + F2Reserved.
Fn + F3

Select a power scheme that has been created by Power Manager. When you press this combination, a panel for selecting a power scheme appears.


  1. If you have logged on with an administrator user ID, and you press Fn+F3, the panel for selecting a power scheme appears. If you have logged on with another user ID, and you press Fn+F3, the panel does not appear.
  2. You cannot turn off the computer display by pressing Fn+F3.
Fn + F4

Put the computer in standby mode. To return to normal operation, press the Fn key only, without pressing a function key.


  • This combination of keys also functions as a sleep button. If you want to use the combination to put the computer into hibernation mode or shut the computer down, change the settings in the ThinkPad Configuration Program.
Fn + F5

Enable or disable the built-in wireless networking features and the Bluetooth features. If you press Fn+F5, a list of wireless features is displayed in the Wireless Radio Control window. You can quickly change the power state of each feature in the list.


If you want to use Fn+F5 to enable the feature specified in IEEE standard 802.11, the following device drivers must be installed on the computer beforehand:

  • ThinkPad Power Management driver
  • OnScreen Display Utility
  • Wireless device drivers
Fn + F6Reserved.
Fn + F7

Apply a presentation scheme directly, with no need to start Presentation Director.

To disable this function and use the Fn+F7 key combination for switching a display output location, start Presentation Director, and change the settings.

Switching the display output location.

  • External monitor (CRT display)
  • Computer display and external monitor (LCD + CRT display)
  • Computer display (LCD)


  • This function is not supported if different desktop images are displayed on the computer display and the external monitor (the Extend desktop function).
  • This function does not work while a DVD movie or a video clip is playing.

To enable this function, do as follows when you log on to Windows 2000 or Windows XP:

Note: Multiple users can log on to a single operating system by using different user IDs. Each user needs to do the following:

  1. Start Windows 2000 or Windows XP, and log on to the system.
  2. Start Presentation Director, and change the Fn+F7 settings.
Fn + F8

Change the settings of the UltraNav™ pointing device.

Fn + F9

Open the ThinkPad EasyEject Utility screen. Buttons for the following choices are displayed:

  • Eject ThinkPad PC from Dock: This button is displayed only if the ThinkPad computer has been attached to a ThinkPad Advanced Dock or a ThinkPad Advanced Mini Dock. The computer can be detached from the ThinkPad Advanced Dock or the ThinkPad Advanced Mini Dock.
  • Eject ThinkPad PC from Mini Dock: This button is displayed only if the ThinkPad computer has been attached to a ThinkPad Essential Port Replicator and one or more USB devices have been connected to the ThinkPad Essential Port Replicator. You can stop and remove all the USB devices safely by clicking the button.
    Note: You cannot use this Utility to detach the computer from the ThinkPad Essential Port Replicator.
  • Run EasyEject Actions: This button is used to select, stop, or remove external devices connected to the ThinkPad computer.
  • Configure EasyEject Actions: Opens the ThinkPad EasyEject Utility main window.
  • Fn+F9 Settings: Configures the settings for the Fn+F9 function.

Note: This function is supported only in Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Fn + F10Reserved.
Fn + F11Reserved.
Fn + F12

Put the computer into hibernation mode. To return to normal operation, press the power button for less than four seconds.

Note: To use Fn+F12 for hibernation, you must have the ThinkPad PM device driver installed on the computer.

Fn + PgUp

Turn the ThinkLight on or off.

Note: This function is supported only on the ThinkPad computers that have the ThinkLight. The on or off status of the ThinkLight is shown on the screen for a few seconds when you press Fn+PgUp.

Fn + HomeThe computer display becomes brighter.
Fn + EndThe computer display becomes dimmer.
Fn + Spacebar

Enable the FullScreen Magnifier function.

Fn+PrtScHas the same function as the SysRq key.
Fn+ScrLkEnable or disable the numeric keypad.
Fn+PauseHas the same function as the Break key.
Fn + Spacebar

These key combinations work with Windows Media Player. Fn+down arrow key works for the Play or Pause button, Fn+up arrow key for the Stop button, Fn+right arrow key for the Next Track button, and Fn+left arrow key for the Previous Track button.


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3. Lenovo Support Forum
4. Technical Support Call Centre

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