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Desktop Optical (CD, DVD, Multi-Burner, Blu-ray) Drives - Reference Guide



Media compatibility
To learn what media is compatible with this product, please view Information about CD and DVD media types for more details.
Note: CD and DVD drive formats are located on the product and should be matched with the description(s) on the Information about CD and DVD media type document.


DVD-ROM Drives: Internal
ThinkCentre and Lenovo DVD-ROM Drive - Serial ATA (41N5618)
Multi-Burner Drives: Internal
Desktop Super Multi-Burner (0A65618)
Blu-ray Drives: Internal
Lenovo Blu-ray Burner (Serial ATA) (45K1675)
USB Portable CD-RW drives
USB CD and DVD drives
DVD-ROM drive - External
ThinkCentre Tiny DVD ROM (0A65640)
DVD Burner drive - External
ThinkCentre Tiny DVD Super Burner (0A65639)
Optical Drives: Adapter Storage Kits
ThinkCentre Tiny Storage Unit Kit (0A65637)


Additional Information - Personal Systems Reference (PSREF): Comprehensive information on features and technical specifications of Lenovo products - Additional Lenovo Support information on options and accessories - Additional information on options and accessories. Includes Option Compatibility Matrix (OCM). - A web-based, accessories compatibility configurator


Workstation Accessories: Discontinued, Withdrawn from Marketing, No longer available: - Options Continuation Program (OCP) allows customers to buy options no longer marketed by Lenovo.
CD-ROM drives
24X-10X Slimline Internal IDE CD-ROM Drive
40X-17X Internal IDE CD-ROM Drive
CD-RW drives
2X/4X/24X Black CD-ReWritable Internal IDE Option Kit
2X/4X/24X White CD-ReWritable Internal IDE Option Kit
2X/4X/24X Black CD-ReWritable Internal
8X/4X/24X Slimline Internal IDE CD-RW Drive
8X/4X/32X CD-ReWritable Internal IDE Black Option Kit
8X/4X/32X CD-ReWritable Internal IDE White Option Kit
12X/8X/32X White and Black Internal CD-RW Drive
24X/10X/40X Max White CD-RW Drive
24X/10X/40X Max Black CD-RW Drive
40X/12X/40X Max Black CD-RW Drive (22P6976)
48X/24X/48X Max Black CD-RW Drive (22P6997)
CD-RW/DVD-ROM drives
8X/4X/32X/8X Internal CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo Drive
32X/10X/40X/16X Max CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combination Drive
48X/24X/48X/16X Max CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo Drive
48X/32X/48X/16X Max CD-RW Drive
48X/32X/48X/16X MAX CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo Drive
DVD-ROM drives
DVD-ROM Ultrabay Enhanced Drive (39X2642)
6X Max Black Internal IDE DVD-ROM Drive
6X Max Internal IDE DVD-ROM with MPEG2 software
8X Slimline Black Internal DVD-ROM Drive
8X Max Black Internal IDE DVD-ROM Drive
8X Max Black Internal IDE DVD-ROM with software MPEG2 (Asia Pacific-North)
16X Max RAM-Read Internal IDE DVD-ROM Drive
White 16X Max DVD-ROM Option Kit
Black 16X Max DVD-ROM Option Kit
DVD-RAM/DVD-R drives
DVD-Ram/DVD-R Gray (Rambo) Drive
9.4/4.7GB Black IDE DVD-RAM Drive
Multi-Burner drives
Desktop Super Multi-Burner Drive (41N5581)
Multi-Burner Drive (22P6970)
Multi-Burner Plus 4x Max (22P7036)
Multi Burner Plus 8x Max (73P3305)
ThinkCentre and Lenovo Super Multi-Burner Drive- Serial ATA (41N5620)
USB Portable CD-RW drives
USB CD and DVD drives
Blu-ray drives
Blu-ray Burner / HD DVD Player (43R1958)


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Last Updated : 02 Jun 2014
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