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Procedure to add an application to NVIDIA Optimus Technology’s dedicated video 3D settings - ThinkPad


Affected systems

Any ThinkPad with NVIDIA Optimus technology


NVIDIA Optimus Technology automatically determines if a launched application requires high end NVIDIA graphics capabilities or will run satisfactorily in Intel Video mode. This list is updated automatically by the NVIDIA Control Panel. If you have an application that does not run well if it switches to NVIDIA video or experiences video crashes while in NVIDIA mode, then the application may run better with Intel Video mode. The below procedure details how to manually add an application to the NVIDIA 3D Program settings and assign a dedicated video card to the application. This process has 2 features. It allows for an application to run in Intel video mode only if the application switches to NVIDIA graphics, or it will force an application to use a specific video subsystem.

  1. Launch the NVIDIA Control panel by right clicking the desktop and selecting NVIDIA Control Panel

  2. Select Manage 3D Settings from top left pane.
  3. Select Program Settings from right pane.

  4. If the application is already installed on the computer, then use the menu pull down in option 1 to locate the specific application.
  5. If the application is NOT listed, then remove the check mark by Show only Programs found on this computer and then use the browse function to locate the application’s installation folder and executable. Click Add to add the application to the pull down menu list.

  6. Once the application or executable has been located and added, then use option 2 to select the specific video subsystem that you want assigned to the application. Integrated video is Intel Video Mode and Discrete video is NVIDIA Video mode.


  7. At this point the launch the application and see if the application launches correctly and performs as expected. If not, then you can revert the application back to NVIDIA graphics and modify some of the parameters of the video subsystem



  1. Within the NVIDIA control panel there is an option to add a menu item to the Desktop Context Menu which will allow for any application to be run in Integrated or Discrete mode via the right click Contest menu. Add this functionality via the NVIDIA Control Panel The second item in the list enables this function, while the last item in the list allows for a system tray notification balloon. This notification allows for quick visual clue as to which graphics adapter is enabled.

    This action will results in the following menu choices for applications located via Start->All Programs Start Button.


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