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System performance becomes degraded or unstable on Windows XP if the total size of system memory is 256MB - ThinkPad s30, s31

If 128MB of additional memory is installed in the system and then the total size of system memory is 256MB (the base memory 128MB + additional memory 128MB), the system performance will become degraded or unstable while audio function, modem function or some application program is running on Microsoft Windows XP. If no additional memory or additional memory smaller than 128MB is installed in the computer, the problem does not occur.


Affected configuration

The problem occurs when all of the following conditions are met.

  • ThinkPad s30, ThinkPad s31 or ThinkPad i Series s30 system
  • Windows XP environment
  • 128MB of additional memory is installed.
  • Audio driver for Windows XP version or is installed



Run the Automatic Edit file below to edit the Windows XP registry file to let Windows XP use 4KB Memory Page Size.

Automatic Edit:
Follow the following instructions to edit the registry file automatically.

  1. Start Windows XP and logon with administrative privileges.
  2. Copy the file, s30_256MB_fix.reg, to the hard disk drive.
  3. Open Explorer and double-click the file in the directory where you copied it in step 2.
  4. Follow instructions on the screen to restart the computer.


Additional Information

If the total size of system memory in the computer is 256MB or more, Windows XP will change Memory Page Size setting it to 4MB from 4KB. When the audio or modem function works with 4MB Memory Page Size, the CPU usage rate will become higher than usual while system chip set is co-working mutually with both audio subsystem and modem subsystem. As the result, this condition causes malfunction of system performance, audio and modem functions, Or affects application programs or peripheral devices attached to the computer, and so on. This problem does not occur if the Memory Page Size is set to 4KB by Windows XP.

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