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ThinkStation 1GB, 2GB and 4GB PC2-5300 667MHz DDR2 FB-DIMM Memory - Overview
ThinkStation 1GB (43R1771), 2GB (43R1772) and 4GB (43R1773) PC2-5300 667MHz DDR2 Full-Buffered DIMM

Features and specifications

The new ThinkStation 1GB (43R1771), 2GB (43R1772) and 4GB (43R1773) PC2-5300 667MHz DDR2 Full-Buffered DIMM memory offerings let you upgrade standard system memory capacity to improve overall system performance. Features and benefits include:

  • Choice of available memory sizes for DDR2 Full-Buffered (FB) DIMM memory
  • Supports ThinkStation D10 systems
  • Meets stringent ThinkStation reliability standards for memory products
  • Lenovo Limited Warranty
  • Authenticity seal on every memory module
  • Uses proven DDR2 technology with a higher performance bidirectional serial bus
  • Unique serial bus design minimizes error generation, thereby maximizing performance and reliability
  • Allows for the support of very large memory configurations, which are ideal for workstations
  • 240-pin JEDEC/EIA standard UDIMM interface
  • Gold-plated leads


3 year - Customer Replacement Unit (CRU) Service

  • Announce Date: March 2008 (Worldwide)
  • Availability Date: March 2008 (Worldwide)
  • Discontinued, No longer available
    • 1GB PC2-5300 667MHz DDR2 Full-Buffered DIMM (43R1771): August 2010
    • 2GB PC2-5300 667MHz DDR2 Full-Buffered DIMM (43R1772): April 2011
    • 4GB PC2-5300 667MHz DDR2 Full-Buffered DIMM (43R1773): April 2011

Hardware compatibility
DescriptionMachine TypeModel
ThinkStation D106427, 6493All
Note: ThinkStation D10 has eight DIMM slots, which allow for 64GB of maximum memory. 64GB maximum memory requires 8GB memory modules. ThinkStation D10 is a dual processor (2P) system.

  • Memory module (1 GB, 2 GB or 4 GB)
  • Publication

Additional product information
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