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Windows 7 Firmware Update for HLDS DH10N, version 0M10 - ThinkCentre A57, A57e, A58, A62, A63, M57e, M58, M58p, ThinkStation S10, S20, D10, D20

If you have, an HLDS DH10N DVD-ROM and you have recently upgraded your operating system from Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Vista to Windows 7, Lenovo recommends applying this firmware upgrade.

Affected configurations

Any of the following systems but not limited to the following systems:

  • ThinkCentre A57 (all models)
  • ThinkCentre A57e (all models)
  • ThinkCentre A58 (all models)
  • ThinkCentre A62 (all models)
  • ThinkCentre A63 (all models)
  • ThinkCentre M57e (all models)
  • ThinkCentre M58 (all models)
  • ThinkCentre M58p (all models)
  • ThinkStation D10 (all models)
  • ThinkStation D20 (all models)
  • ThinkStation S10 (all models)
  • ThinkStation S20 (all models)

Applies to:

  • Microsoft Windows 7

Note: The systems optical drive is the following:

HLDS DH10N DVD-ROM, FRU#41N3325, P/N 41R0196


Click here and download the latest firmware

This package applies to systems configured with the HLDS DH10N SATA DVD-ROM drive that have been updated from Windows XP or Windows Vista to Windows 7. If your computer already came preloaded with Windows 7, you do not need this upgrade.

The flash utility requires Administrator rights to run. We recommend you close all applications and save your data prior to upgrading the firmware. Do not power-down or restart your system while the firmware upgrade is in progress.

Download the DH10N_0M10.exe file. Go to the folder where you saved it, and click on the DH10N_0M10 icon. The firmware update proceeds automatically. When it is complete, you will be prompted to reboot your computer. The firmware update will take effect after your computer reboots.


If your computer came preloaded with Windows 7, you do not need this upgrade.

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