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No power at all - ThinkPad


  1. Verify the power status indicator.
    The power status indicator is illuminated whenever the computer is on and is not in standby or hibernation mode.
  2. Check all power connections, and remove any power strips and surge protectors to connect the AC adapter directly to the AC power outlet.
  3. Inspect the AC adapter.
    Check for any physical damage to the adapter,cables and plugs, and ensure the power cable is firmly attached to the adapter brick and the system.
  4. Verify the AC power source is working by attaching another device to the outlet.
  5. Remove the ThinkPad system from any docking station or port replicator.
  6. Remove all devices and then test for system power with minimal devices attached.
    1. Disconnect the AC adapter.
    2. Remove the battery.
    3. Remove any externally or internally installed options and other devices including memory keys, keyboards and mice.
      • Remove the memory module.
      • Remove the Mini PCI and Communications Daughter Cards that are customer replaceable, if applicable.Refer to your system's hardware maintenance manual.
      • Remove the Ultrabay devices, usually the optical drive, if customer replaceable.
      • Remove the hard drive.
        • Although the hard drive can be upgraded, it is not designed to be removed and reinserted on a regular basis. Repeated and frequent removal, for purposes other than to upgrade for greater capacity or problem determination, can cause damage to the system.
        • Shut down, remove the power cord, and remove the battery from the ThinkPad system before removing the hard drive.
    4. Wait for 30 seconds before reconnecting the devices and power sources.
    5. Reinstall only the memory DIMM and the known good battery or AC adapter to test the system with minimal devices attached first.
    6. Reinstall each device one at a time that was removed in the steps above.
  7. If these steps have not solved your problem:
    Refer to "Need more help?"

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