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Error "0191 System Security-Invalid Remote Change requested" occurs when system is powered-on - ThinkPad R61 14.1inch widescreen with IEEE 1394, T61, T61p

Error 0191 System Security-Invalid Remote Change requested. occurs when system is powered-on.

Affected configurations

Any of the following ThinkPad systems running Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows XP or Windows 2000:

  • ThinkPad R61 14.1inch widescreen with IEEE 1394 with the following Machine types and models:
    • 7732-11x,12x,14x,1Ex,1Fx,4Rx,4Sx,4Tx,N4x,N5x,N8x, N9x,NAx,NBx,NCx,NDx,NEx,P1x,X2x,X3x,X6x
    • 7733-12x,13x,14x,15x,16x,17x,1Bx,1Cx,1Dx,1Ex,1Fx,1Mx,1Nx,2Ax,2Dx,2Ex,2Fx,2Gx,2Jx,2Kx,2Lx,2Mx,2Nx,2Px,2Qx,2Rx,2Sx,2Tx,3Ax,3Bx,3Cx,3Dx,3Ex, 3Fx,3Gx,N5x,N6x,P1x,P2x,P4x,PAx,PBx,XAx
    • 7734-11x,12x,14x,15x,N3x
    • 7735-12x,1Bx,1Cx,1Dx,1Ex,1Jx,XAx
    • 7738-16x,17x,18x,19x,1Bx,1Cx,1Hx,1Mx,1Nx,1Px,1Rx,1Sx,1Tx,1Ux,1Vx,21x,22x,P1x,P2x
    • 7742-11x,12x,16x,NAx,NBx,NCx,X1x,X7x
    • 7743-11x,12x,13x,14x,15x,17x,18x,19x,1Gx,1Hx,1Jx,1Kx,1Lx,1Mx,2Ax,2Bx,2Cx,2Dx,2Ex,2Fx,2Gx,2Hx,Jx,2Kx,3Bx,N3x,N4x,N5x,N6x,P1x,P2x,P3x,P4x, P5x,P6x,P7x 7744-1Ax,P1x
    • 7751-11x,12x,13x,1Gx,1Hx,1Jx 7753-2Xx 7754-2Xx
    • 7755-11x,12x,13x,14x,15x,16x,17x,1Bx,1Dx,1Ex,1Fx,1Gx,1Hx,P1x,P2x,P3x,P4x,P5x
  • ThinkPad T61, T61p

Update flash system BIOS to version 2.19 or greater.

Click here to download utility.

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Document ID : HT000668
Legacy Document ID : MIGR-70725
Last Updated : 27 Mar 2014
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