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Microsoft Windows XP upgrade from Windows 98/Me/2000/NT - TransNote

This is the set of install instructions for a Microsoft Windows XP Professional upgrade from Microsoft Windows 2000. These instructions are valid for those IBM ThinkPad systems listed in the Windows XP Setup and Technical Guide for IBM ThinkPad Notebooks. Click here to refer to the Windows XP Setup and Technical Guide for IBM ThinkPad Notebooks for the specific utility install instructions. The operating system will take approximately 1 hour for the base OS install and approximately 1 hour to finalize the install. The final hour of install depends upon the total number of applications that need to be upgraded or reinstalled. Remember that any operating system must be installed when logged with the administrator account.

There are specific ThinkPad utilities that are required for proper operation of the ThinkPad computer. These utilities vary from one machine class to another. Download and have available the specific device drivers and utilities required for the specific class of ThinkPad that XP is being installed on. Visit the IBM ThinkPad Device Driver File Matrices Web site. for those specific drivers and utilities.

Since the IBM TransNote computer does not have a native CD-ROM drive, the use of an external CD Drive is required. There are three IBM external CD drives that will function as external devices. The IBM USB CD-ROM drive and the IBM Portable Drive Bay 2000 / Portable Drive Bay are the drives used in these instructions.

Preparing your ThinkPad system for Windows XP

  • Make sure the BIOS on your ThinkPad system is the latest version available.
  • Both drives must be functional and accessible under Windows 2000 prior to the Windows XP upgrade.

Windows XP base operating system install

  1. Before you install or upgrade your system to Windows XP, you must update the BIOS of your ThinkPad. If you do not update the BIOS before installing Windows XP, you may encounter problems during the installation of Windows XP and Windows XP may not operate properly. The BIOS versions that have been tested with Windows XP are noted in the additional information section of each BIOS document. Please also note that some systems (T23, X20, X21) require updating both BIOS and the embedded controller firmware separately. Flash BIOS and ensure that BIOS is initialized. The diskette version or disketteless version can be used. If the diskette version is used, the use of an IBM USB floppy drive is required.
  2. Recover the IBM Windows 98/Me/NT/2000 preload via recovery partition or recovery CD. The process produces the best results.
    If an upgrade is performed over an existing IBM Windows 98/Me/NT/2000 preload, (that is one with applications and data) unpredictable results may occur. If an upgrade is performed on an existing Windows 98/Me/NT/2000 partition, then a backup of necessary data and applications should be performed prior to upgrading.
  3. Insert Windows XP Professional CD into the CD / DVD drive, and allow Autorun to launch the Windows XP setup.
  4. Click Install Windows XP at Welcome to Microsoft Windows XP screen.
  5. Highlight Upgrade in installation type and click Next to continue.
  6. Click I accept the agreement at License Agreement screen and click next to continue. The EULA is very important in Windows XP. Take take the time to read and understand it, contact Microsoft to clarify any questions or issues.
  7. Enter Product Key (located on Windows XP CD case) and click Next to continue.
  8. Click Skip this step and continue installing Windows at the Getting Updated setup files screen, and click next to continue.
  9. The Report of System Compatibly is generated. Some applications and device drivers will need to be uninstalled or reinstalled after the Operating System install. Save the full report for later viewing. Save the document so that you can refer back to it at a later date. This report details all the device drivers and installed applications that may need updating after the Windows XP install is complete.
  10. The computer will reboot and continue installation of Windows XP.
  11. More file copy will occur and system will reboot again after Preparing Installation phase is complete.
  12. Installing Windows phase occurs, with progress bar and setup timer running, the LCD may blank during this phase.
  13. Installation of Network will occur if Network Adapters are detected.
  14. Setup finishes and system reboots.
  15. Welcome to Microsoft Windows screen appears. The following screens after the Welcome to Microsoft Windows will depend upon the user choices exercised. Since these choices are machine and user independent, these instructions will follow the most common choices.
  16. The Activate Windows screen appears, make the appropriate choice. These instructions assume that the activation does not occur at the time of install. The Windows Activation must occur within the allotted 15 or 30 days. Please refer to the Windows Help if questions arise on Windows Activation.
  17. The Registration screen appears. Make the appropriate choice and follow the screen prompts. Registration is voluntary, and not required.
  18. Create user accounts as desired for the number of users who will require access to the system, and click Next to continue.
  19. Click Finish to finalize install, and launch Windows XP.

This concludes the Windows XP base operating system install. There are specific ThinkPad utilities that are required for proper operation of the ThinkPad computer. Some of these utilities are designed for use on multiple Windows based operating systems.

The following utilities and device drivers should be updated after the Windows XP upgrade has been performed. The order of the device driver installation and upgrade is listed below:

  1. ThinkPad Configuration Utility. Follow the instructions provided for the utility application.
  2. Install the IBM ThinkPad Patch for Dummy COM port.
  3. TouchBoard utility
  4. Screen Rotation Drive (Pivot)
  5. OnScreen Display
  6. FlipTouch control utility
  7. Touch Panel driver
  8. IBM Trackpoint driver
  9. IBM Power Management Driver
  10. Ink Manager Pro

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