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Notebook 60GB 7200rpm hard drive - Overview
Features and specifications

The Notebook 60GB 7200rpm hard drive features include:

  • Pixie dust technology for excellent storage capacity
  • Drive Noise Suppression System (DNSS) for reduced noise levels, improved shock tolerance, and improved reliability over previous generation hard drives without DNSS
  • 2.5-inch form factor, 9.5-mm height
  • Enhanced IDE interface with Ultra-DMA100
  • Easy customer installation
  • Up to 60GB formatted capacity
  • Rotational speed: 7200rpm
  • 512 bytes/sector
  • Multi-zone recording
  • PRML data channel
  • Enhanced ECC on demand
  • Advanced GMR heads with optimization writer enhancement
  • Load/unload head technology
  • Interface: ATA/ATAPI-6
  • Number of physical disks/drive: 2
  • Number of physical heads: 3
  • Interface transfer rate: 100 MB/sec
  • Maximum media transfer rate: 629 Mbits/se
  • Average read seek time: 10 ms
  • Average write seek time: 11 ms
  • Latency (average): 4.2 ms


1 year Limited – customer carry-in exchange

  • Announce date: 15 Aug 2006 (North America, Latin America, and Asia Pacific)
  • Planned availability date: 18 Aug 2006 (North America, Latin America, and Asia Pacific)

Hardware compatibility
DescriptionMachine TypeModel
ThinkPad T40, T41, T41p, T42, T42p2373, 2374, 2378, 2379All
ThinkPad T431871, 1872, 1875, 1876All
ThinkPad T43p2668, 2669, 2686, 2687All

Note: The 60GB 7200rpm hard drive option is supported only on ThinkPad systems.

Software requirements

The Notebook 60GB 7200rpm hard drive is compatible with:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Windows XP

Note: Some configurations may not be compatible.

  • Notebook 60GB 7200rpm hard drive assembly
  • Publications

Agency approvals

Continuous use of the Notebook 60GB 7200rpm hard drive, as in reading long video files, will impact battery life.

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