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Introduction to Thermal management on IdeaPad Z470 and Y470


The above symptom may occur on the software:

IdeaPad Z470/Y470




1. Using conditions of "Thermal management" shortcut button:

(1) To use "Thermal management" shortcut button, you must install Lenovo Energy Management Software first.

Click the following links to download the Energy Management software for your machine:

IdeaPad Y470:

IdeaPad Z470:

(2) Press "Windows+R" to start "Run" dialogue box. Type "msconfig" into the box and then click "OK" to open "System Configuration" window. Under "Startup" tag, tick "Lenovo Energy Management Software" checkbox and click "OK" to enable it.


(3) After entering desktop, hit the fifth button- "Thermal management" shortcut button. See Fig.2:


(4) "Thermal management" windows would show up as Fig.3:


2. "Thermal management" button

Introduction to "Thermal management" icons in Windows 7:

"Thermal management" button could help to switch your computer's working mode to control fan speed. There are four modes available in "Thermal management": Standard, Super silent, Efficient thermal dissipation and Dedusting. You could select desired mode by continuing hitting the button.

1. Icon of "Standard" Mode


"Stanndard" Mode is factory preset mode. It is a suggested working mode for most programs.

2. "Super silent" Mode


If your machine is not running large programs and you want a quite working environment, you could switch your machine's working mode to "Super silent" mode. To select "Super silent" mode, hit the "Thermal management" button continuously until "Super silent" icon is highlighted and your machine would switch to "Super silent" mode after three seconds.

3. "Efficient thermal dissipation" mode


If your machine is running large programs, please switch it to "Efficient thermal dissipation" mode for a better thermal dissipation. To select "Efficient thermal dissipation" mode, hit the "Thermal management" button continuously until "Efficient thermal dissipation" icon is highlighted.

4. "Dedusting" mode


More and more dust would accumulate on CPU heat sink over time and lead to decline of thermal dissipation performance. Selecting "Dedusting" mode can help reduce accumulative dust.

To select "Dedusting" mode, hit the "Thermal management" button continuously until "Dedusting" icon is highlighted and your machine would switch to "Dedusting" mode after three seconds.

When "Dedusting" mode starts, fan will run at high speed and low speed alternately to remove dust. It might take several minutes. You could cancel "Dedusting" mode at any time by switching to other modes. After finishing dedusting, "Thermal management" will return to the model when "Dedusting" mode was enabled.


If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please do try the following options:
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