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Microsoft Windows 7 upgrade program for new PC is ending
Lenovo's program to offer upgrades from Microsoft Windows Vista to Microsoft Windows 7 for selected, newly purchased systems is ending.

Date Description Information
31 Jan 2010 Last Qualifying PC purchase date This is the last day you can purchase a new system and participate in the Windows Vista to Windows 7 free upgrade program with Lenovo. Offer is not valid for system purchased on or after 1st Feb 2010.
28 Feb 2010 Last day to submit a new order to the Microsoft Windows Vista to Windows 7 upgrade website This is the last day you can submit your order for the Windows 7 free upgrade DVD from Microsoft Windows Vista to Windows 7 upgrade web site. The website will not be accessible on or after 1st Mar 2010. However customer can still check the order status from the Check order status page.
05 Mar 2010 Last Day for Proof of Purchase submission Order will be canceled if proof of purchase is not submitted.
15 Mar 2010 Last day for Payment Order will be canceled if payment has not been made.

fw_bold.gif Place an order for a Windows 7 Upgrade for qualifying new Lenovo systems purchased between June 26, 2009 and January 31, 2010
fw_bold.gif Check the status of previously placed orders or "Contact us"
fw_bold.gif Back to Lenovo's Windows 7 tech support home page

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