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USB devices
usb devices
CD and DVD drives
<empty> USB 2.0 Super Multi-Burner Drive
<empty> USB Portable Multi-Burner
<empty> Lenovo Portable DVD Burner GP20N
<empty> Lenovo Portable DVD Burner DB60
<empty> Lenovo Slim USB Portable DVD Burner
<empty> Lenovo USB Portable DVD Burner
<empty> ThinkPlus USB 2.0 CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo II drive
<empty> USB 2.0 CD-RW/DVD drive
<empty> USB 2.0 Port CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive
<empty> USB 2.0 Portable CD-RW drive

Hard drive
ThinkPlus Portable 80GB USB 2.0 Hard drive with Rescue and Recovery
Portable USB 2.0 Hard drive with Rapid Restore
Portable 40GB USB 2.0 Hard drive with Rescue and Recovery
Lenovo Portable 80GB and 120GB USB 2.0 Hard drives
Lenovo USB 2.0 Portable 160GB Hard drive
Lenovo USB 2.0 Portable 320GB Hard drive
Lenovo USB Portable 500GB Hard disk drive
ThinkPad USB Portable Secure Hard Drives - 160GB and 320GB
Portable HardDrive F360 (500G)

USB/Analog Headset

Diskette drive
ThinkPad USB Diskette Drive

Memory keys
Thinkplus 512MB USB 2.0 Memory Key (Olympic Edition)
Thinkplus 256MB USB 2.0 Memory Key (Olympic Edition)
ThinkPlus 1GB USB 2.0 Memory Key
512MB USB 2.0 Memory Key with KeySafe II
256MB USB 2.0 Memory Key with KeySafe II
128MB USB 2.0 Memory Key with KeySafe II
128MB USB 2.0 High Speed Memory Key
256MB USB 2.0 Memory Key
128MB USB 2.0 Memory Key
64MB USB 2.0 Memory Key
32MB USB Memory Key

Lenovo Laser Mouse
Optical 3-Button Travel Wheel Mouse PS/2 and USB
Optical ScrollPoint Mouse USB and PS2
Optical ScrollPoint Pro Mouse USB and PS2
PS2 and USB Optical 3-Button ScrollPoint Mouse
ScrollPoint Pro Mouse, Antique Sage Green
ScrollPoint Pro Mouse, Slate Blue
Sleek USB Mouse
ThinkPad 800 DPI Optical 3-Button Travel Wheel Mouse PS/2 and USB
ThinkPad Bluetooth Laser Mouse
ThinkPad USB Mobile Mouse
USB Optical Wheel Mouse

Enhanced Performance USB Keyboard (US English)
Enhanced Performance Wireless USB Keyboard and Optical Mouse
Preferred Pro Full-size Keyboard (Pearl White)
Preferred USB Keyboard with 2 Port U.S.B Hub
Rapid Access III Keyboard w/Hub
TrackPoint USB Space Saver Keyboards
USB Fingerprint Keyboard and Reader
USB Keyboards with UltraNav
USB Travel Keyboards with UltraNav
Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Kit
Preferred Pro USB Keyboard

Numeric keypad
USB Numeric Keypad

Port expansion
4-Port USB Hub with LAN Port H415
USB Serial Parallel Adapter

Lenovo USB Modem

USB PC to PC File Transfer Device L2

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