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ThinkPad Ultraslim 56W AC Adapter - Overview

At a glance

The ThinkPad Ultraslim 56W AC Adapter is 20% lighter and 25% smaller than its predecessor. You can carry an adapter in your briefcase to simplify your travel preparations and keep one at home for added convenience. Extra AC adapters ensure that you will never be without the services of your ThinkPad due to exhausted batteries. Additional AC adapters are essential for professionals who rely on their ThinkPads throughout the day.

Warranty: 1 year limited Customer Carry-In Exchange

This product replaces:
ThinkPad 56W AC Adapter
Marketing part number -> 12J2453

World Wide...
Marketing part number -> 83H6739

One box containing...

  • UltraSlim Adapter
  • Publications
Marketing and FRU Part Numbers
Canada, Latin America, United States ...
Marketing part number -> 02K6545
FRU part number -> 02K6555

Asia Pacific ...
Marketing part number -> 02K6545
FRU part number -> 02K6555

Japan ...
Marketing part number -> 02K6544
FRU part number -> 02K6555

EU1 ...
Marketing part number -> 02K6583
FRU part number -> 02K6555

Denmark ...
Marketing part number -> 02K6584
FRU part number -> 02K6555

South Africa, India ...
Marketing part number -> 02K6585
FRU part number -> 02K6555

UK ...
Marketing part number -> 02K6586
FRU part number -> 02K6555

Switzerland ...
Marketing part number -> 02K6587
FRU part number -> 02K6555

Italy ...
Marketing part number -> 02K6588
FRU part number -> 02K6555

Israel ...
Marketing part number -> 02K6589
FRU part number -> 02K6555

Additional Part Numbers
Part number(s) for ordering multiple quantities:

Canada, Latin America, United States Retail information:
Retail Model Number -> TP545
Retail UPC Code -> 0-87944-49062-3

Associated FRU Part Number(s):

Product Dates
World Wide ...
Announce Date-> 25 Jan 1999
Planned Availability Date-> 02 Mar 1999
Effective Withdrawal Date->
31 Dec 2001

Technical Specifications
Performance Specifications as known at time of announcement:
Grounded/Non-Grounded: 3-pin for WW, 2-pin for Japan
Interface type: 2-pin
MPRII: Yes for 3-pin only
Power device type: Universal Input, WW Agency Support
Power (Watts): 56W
Voltage supported: AC 100 V to 240 V

Physical, Environmental, and Compatibility Specifications as known at time of announcement:
Weight: .57 lbs (260 g)
Height: 1.1 inches (27.5 mm)
Width: 4.5 inches (115.0 mm)
Depth: 2.0 inches (50.0 mm)

Operating Temperature:
  • low of 5 degrees Celcius to a high of 55 degrees Celcius
  • low of 41 degrees Farenheit to a high of 131 degrees Farenheit
Relative Operating Humidity: low of 8% to a high of 90% (non-condensing)

Agency Approvals:
  • CE Mark
  • UL
  • CSA
ENERGY STAR-Compliant: * . The ENERGY STAR emblem does not represent EPA endorsement of any product or service.

Hardware Requirements for systems:
This AC Adapter is supported on all models of the following:
  • ThinkPad 600
  • ThinkPad 600E
  • ThinkPad 600X
  • ThinkPad 380
  • ThinkPad 385
  • ThinkPad 390
  • ThinkPad 560
  • ThinkPad 570
  • ThinkPad 770
Limitations: Some configurations may not be supported.

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3. Lenovo Support Forum
4. Technical Support Call Centre

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