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Change the boot sequence to use the Recovery CD - ThinkPad 1200, 1300

The system does not boot from the Recovery CD.

Affected Configuration
ThinkPad 1200: 71U, 51U, 41U, 11U, 91J, 71J, 51J, 41J, 66N, 56N, 46N, 71G, 51G, 41G, 11G, 91M, 71M, 61M, 41M, 11M, 91A, 71A, 61A, 41A, 11A, 91T, 71T, 61T, 41T, 11T, 91C, 71C, 61C, 41C, 11C, 91H, 71H, 61H, 41H, 11H, 91K, 71K, 61K, 41K, 11K, 91Y, 71Y, 61Y, 41Y, 11Y, 71F, 51F, 41F, 11F, 51S, 41S, 11S, 51P, 41P, 11P, 51X, 41X, 11X

ThinkPad 1300: 91U, 71U, 61U, 21U, 2AU, 81J, 71J, 61J, 51J, 81G, 61G, 81M, 61M, 91F, 61F

The default Startup Configuration has been modified to speed up the system's boot time. In order to use the bootable Recovery
CD, the Boot Drive Sequence must be changed to place the CD-ROM ahead of the hard disk drive.

To change the Boot Drive Sequence to recover the system software with a Recovery CD, follow the directions below.

  1. Turn on the system.
  2. About five seconds after turning on the system, when "Press F1 for IBM BIOS Setup Utility" is displayed on the left-bottom corner of the display, press F1.
  3. Select "Startup Configuration" and press Enter.
  4. Select CD-ROM in the 'Boot Drive Sequence:' section .
  5. Move CD-ROM to the top in the 'Boot Drive Sequence:' section.
  6. Press Esc.
  7. Press Esc again.
  8. Select "Yes" in the pop-up message "Settings have been changed".
  9. Do you want to save CMOS setting?" and press Enter. After this change, the system will always attempt to boot from the CD-ROM, if the bootable CD-ROM is in the CD-ROM drive.


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