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OneKey Recovery process does not work after disabling Windows System Restore. - Lenovo 3000 K100


After disabling Windows System Restore on a Lenovo Windows Vista Preload, OneKey Recovery fails to complete the "CREATE ORIGINAL BACKUP" operation. This one-time backup operation of the preload stops executing and displays the following error message: "Insufficient space for backup! The backup operation cannot be performed!" As a result of this failure, all OneKey Recovery backup features are disabled.


The above symptom may occur on the following systems:

Lenovo 3000 K100


OneKey Recovery can fail to complete the backup operation if software was installed on the C:\ partition before "CREATE ORIGINAL BACKUP" was successfully completed. In order to solve this problem, remove the installed software from the C:\ partition, then access OneKey Recovery to perform "CREATE ORIGINAL BACKUP" again.

Removing Programs:

1. Click Start and then select Control Panel.

2. At the Control Panel, select Programs.

3. On Programs select Programs and Features.

4. Select Uninstall a Program

5. Choose the programs to uninstall and follow the instructions.

If removing the software does not solve this issue, follow the instructions below to reinstall the preload.

1. Insert LENOVO PRODUCT RECOVERY DVD in the drive.

2. Restart the system.

3. After POST, press any key when you see the onscreen message --> "PRESS ANY KEY TO BOOT FROM CD OR DVD". This time you would not have to create the hard drive partitions C:\ and D:\, because they have already been created

4. Install the Operating System on the C:\ partition. Windows might display a warning message indicating the C:\ partition could have files from a previous Windows installation. If that happens, press OK to continue

5. When the OS is installed, proceed to install the Drivers and Applications from the Lenovo Rescue System.

(1) Restart the system.

(2) Press the LVT or F2 key during POST when the LENOVO logo is displayed.

(3) At the Lenovo Rescue System, select Driver and Application Installation.

(4) Follow the instructions for Driver and Application Installation, which include restarting the system. The "Driver Application Installation" might display a warning message indicating the drivers have been installed already. If that is the case, click "Yes" to continue with the installation.

6. Once the Driver and Application Installation process is complete, the INTELLIGENT DEPLOYMENT window is displayed, along with other application windows.

(1) Click on the EXIT button of Intelligent Deployment.

(2) Another window is displayed from Intelligent Deployment asking to set the "User Account Management" to default value; just click on the Cancel button on this window.



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