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Firmware Updater for ThinkServer EasyUpdate 1.60023 - ThinkServer TS430

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ThinkServer EasyUpdate Firmware Updater
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README for ThinkServer EasyUpdate Firmware Updater
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The ThinkServer(TM) EasyUpdate Firmware Updater program (hereinafter referred to as Firmware Updater) detects and installs the available updates on the CD or DVD. It enables you to maintain your server firmware up-to-date and helps you avoid unnecessary outages.

EasyUpdate will automatically detect and update the right version of BIOS image which is compatible with your machine.

Supported servers
  • ThinkServer TS430 (type 0387, 0388, 0389, 0390, 0391, 0392, 0393, 0394, 0441)
Downloading the package

To update the server firmware using Firmware Updater, do the following:

  1. Go to the Lenovo(R) Support Web site at to download the latest Firmware Updater ISO image, and burn the CD or DVD from the ISO image.
  2. Insert the CD or DVD into the CD or DVD drive of the server. Firmware Updater will start automatically and the Welcome window opens.

    Note: Before inserting the CD or DVD, make sure that you have changed the boot sequence to booting from the CD or DVD drive in the BIOS.

  3. Select a preferable language and click OK.  Then the Welcome window is displayed.
  4. Click Next, and a list of available firmware updates is displayed. From the list, you can select which firmware to be updated.
    a. By default, if a later or same version of the firmware exists on your server, then this firmware will not be selected. If you want to select this item, a message will be displayed to remind you whether to proceed the update process. If you click Yes,
    this firmware update will be selected.
    b. By default, some firmware needs to be updated at the same time. Once one of the firmware updates is selected or cleared, then others will be selected or cleared accordingly.
  5. Click Next to begin the update process.
  6. Wait for the update process to complete, which will take up to 30 minutes. Then click Next and the results window opens.
  7. After reviewing the update results, remove the CD or DVD from the CD or DVD drive of the server, and restart the server to make the firmware updates take effect.
Summary of changes

Item Explanation

< / > Version number / Lenovo build number
[Important] Important update
(New) New function or enhancement
(Fix) Correction to existing function

< 1.6 / 0023>
 - (Fix) Replaced grub with new ver 0.97
 - (Fix) Solved the halting problem while plug out or insert usb stick in reboot process
 - (Fix) Update 9240/9260 package
 - (Fix) Updated BIOS package to ThinkServer TS430 server

< 1.6 / 0022>
 - (Fix) Updated BIOS package to ThinkServer TS430 server
 - (Fix) Updated BMC package to ThinkServer TS430 server
 - (Fix) Updated BIOS package to ThinkServer TS530 server
 - (Fix) Updated BMC package to ThinkServer TS530 server

< 1.6 / 0021>
 - (Fix) Updated BIOS package to ThinkServer TS130 server

< 1.6 / 0020>
 - (Fix) Updated BIOS package to ThinkServer TS130 server
 - (Fix) Updated BMC package to ThinkServer TS430 server

  • Alias ID: MIGR-77574
  • Document ID:DS018184
  • Last Updated :15 Dec 2014
  • (c) 2015 Lenovo