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Guidance for Non-English IME settings in Windows XP

Statement description

By default, Windows XP in English supports various Chinese input method applications such as Microsoft Pinxin 3.0, Shuangpin, NeiMa.


Affected configurations

The above symptom may occur on the following systems:

Microsoft Windows XP



Steps to display Chinese

Microsoft provides not only a library of both simplified and traditional Chinese also gives support upon installation relevant input method application. To enable support for Chinese in English Windows XP, you can follow the below steps. Take Windows XP Professional as example. And the setting steps are the same as in Windows XP Home Edition.


1. Open “Control Panel”, double click “Regional and Language Options” to open region and language setting window.


2. Select the tab “Language”, check the option “Install Files for East Asian Languages” à “Apply”. Upon this, you are requested to insert Windows XP disk to copy some files. The space needed will be 230MB. Click OK and operate as the guidance. If succeed, back to “Regional and Language Options”.


3. Upon “Regional and Language Options” windows, select the tab “Standards and Formats” and choose “Chinese (PRC)” from the drop-down. And set “Location” as China.


4. Click “Details” button at the tab of “Language”. Choose “Chinese PRC-ChineseSimplified-US Keyboard” from the drop-down of “Default input language” in “Settings”. Click “Add” in “Installed Services”.


5. Choose “Chinese (PRC)" from “Language for non-unicode programs” at the tab of “Advanced”.  


Chinese input application installation process:

In English Windows XP, several types of Chinese input applications have been provided such as Microsoft Pinxin 3.0, Shuangpin, NeiMa.


1. Start --> Control Panel --> Regional and Language Options --> Language, click “Details”. "Text Service and Input Languages" will prompt.


2. Click "Add" at the tab of “Settings”. Choose “Input language” as Chinese PRC. Then choose from the below three options for "keyboard layout/IME":

Chinese (Simplified) - Microsoft Pinyin IME 3.0

Chinese (Simplified) - NeiMa

Chinese (Simplified) - QuanPin

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