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System board part and connector locations - ThinkCentre M90z

The picture below shows the locations of the parts and connectors on the system board.

System board part and connector locations

1 Microprocessor
2 Multi-touch board cable connector
3 Integrated camera cable connector 4 Memory slots (2)
5 Mini PCI Express slot
6 Ambient light sensor cable connector
7 Bluetooth module cable connector
8 Wireless keyboard and mouse connector
9 Clear CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) /Recovery jumper
10 Battery
11 Microprocessor fan connector
12 Internal speaker cable connector
13 Power switch cable connector
14 ExpressCard connector

15 Rear I/O assembly connector
16 COM connector
17 Thermal sensor connector
18 Right I/O assembly cable connector
19 Hard disk drive power connector
20 PS/2 keyboard and mouse connector
21 SATA connector
22 SATA connector
23 Optical drive power connector
24 Low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) cable connector
25 System fan connector
26 Inverter connector
27 Power supply fan connector
28 Power supply connector



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