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Hard drive Active Protection: How to test the accelerometer to ensure it is working properly - ThinkPad General

There is no direct way upon normal bootup to know if the accelerometer is functioning properly since it is not tested at every bootup.

Affected configurations
All ThinkPad R50 and ThinkPad T41 computer systems equipped with the Active Hard Drive Protection System.

There are three ways to check the accelerometer.

  1. Boot the ThinkPad system into diagnostics mode by:
    • Pressing the Esc key when the IBM logo screen appears during boot.
    • Diagnostic is run and a POST error will appear if the diagnostic fails.
  2. Via pressing the blue Access IBM button on the keyboard during boot and choosing the Run Diagnostics option. Once PC Doctor for DOS starts, go the to the Other Devices option under the Diagnostics menu and run the hard drive Active Protection Test.
  3. Bring up the Hard Dive Protection Interface from Control Panel or the Task Tray icon once the operating system is booted up. You can then go to the Real-time Status tab and the ThinkPad icon should move when the ThinkPad is moved.

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