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IdeaPad 12" Top Loading T220 - Overview
Features and specifications

The IdeaPad 12" Top Loading T220 offers up-to-date features necessary to create a convenient and efficient mobile office without sacrificing style. Benefits include:

  • Simple and aesthetic design that can suit a variety of business occasions
  • Matches IdeaPad design -- Fashionable and beautiful simplicity
  • Removable shoulder strap and incorporated handle
  • Adequate space, three-tier storage, and padded computer compartment


Physical Specifications
  • Approximate height: 31 cm (12.2 in)
  • Approximate width: 35 cm (13.78 in)
  • Approximate depth: 9 cm (3.54 in)
  • Approximate weight: 0.55 kg (1.21 lbs)



18 months Warranty Provided by Tenway on behalf of Lenovo.
For information on the warranty, refer to:


  • Announce date: 8 Sep 2009 (Australia, Canada, Europe/Middle East/Africa, Japan, New Zealand, United States)
  • Availability date: 8 Sep 2009 (Australia, Canada, Europe/Middle East/Africa, Japan, New Zealand, United States)
  • Effective withdrawal date: June 2011 (Worldwide)


Hardware compatibility
IdeaPad 12" Top Loading T220 is supported on IdeaPad S9, S10, S10-2, S12


  • IdeaPad 12" Top Loading T220
  • Hangtag
  • Warranty card
  • Work certificate


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