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System board diagram - ThinkCentre A50 (type 8320, 8419) / S50 (type 8092, 8127, 8183, 8184, 8416, 8417, 8418, 8429)

The system board (sometimes called the planar or motherboard) is the main circuit board in your computer. It provides basic computer functions and supports a variety of devices that are factory-installed or that you can install later.

The following illustration shows the locations of parts on the system board.

Systemboard image

  1. Fan connectors (2)
  2. DIMM connectors (2)
  3. Serial ATA 1 IDE and Serial ATA 2 IDE hard drive connectors (2)
  4. PCI riser connector
  5. Battery
  6. Clear CMOS/BIOS recovery jumper
  7. Speaker connector
  1. Promise of Value (POV) daughter card connector
  2. Diskette drive connector
  3. Front panel connector
  4. Power connector
  5. Parallel ATA primary IDE connector (hard drive and CD-ROM drive)
  6. Power connector
  7. Microprocessor
  8. CD audio connector
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