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Lenovo ThinkServer Diagnostic Tool (Bootable USB) - ThinkServer

This package contains Lenovo ThinkServer Diagnostic Tool Bootable USB creator. Use this creator to create a USB boot media and then boot the system to test system hardware.

Supported Systems
  • All ThinkServer TS130, TS140, TS430, TS440, TD340 systems.
  • All ThinkServer RD330, RD340, RD430, RD440 systems.
  • All ThinkServer RD530, RD540, RD630, RD640 systems.
  • All ThinkServer RS140 systems.
Supported Operating Systems
  • Not applicable
Installation instructions
  1. Download the file offlinebootableusbcreator_2.1.exe
  2. Extract the file to your computer.
  3. Create the USB boot media following the steps.
  4. Once the boot media has been successfully created, insert the media into appropriate USB port and boot the system.
  5. In some cases, you will need to temporarily change to boot sequence to accommodate the boot media

Click Offline Diagnostic Tool 2012 For Lenovo ThinkServer Systems - User's Guide for reference.


NameOperating SystemVersionFreigabeZur Download-Liste
Lenovo ThinkServer Diagnostic Tool - Bootable USB
812.6 KB
2.111 Feb 2014
README for ThinkServer Diagnostic Tool - Bootable USB
2.6 KB
2.111 Feb 2014

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