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To enable functional key feature without pressing Fn on IdeaPad U300s, U300e and U400
Statement description

The hotkeys from F1 to F12 on IdeaPad U300s, U300e and U400 are designed to achieve a variety of features by default, and the appearance is also differentiated from traditional keyboard design. See Fig.1:




To press any of these hotkeys, you enable corresponding feature in a faster way noted in Fig.2.





But, when you want to enable one of the above functions, you need to press the combination of “Fn” together with specific hotkey. Is there a way to activate the feature by only pressing certain hotkey? And how to make it?

Affected configurations

The above symptom may occur on the following systems:

IdeaPad U300s

IdeaPad U300e

IdeaPad U400



Enter BIOS to disable “Hotkey Mode” under IdeaPad U300 series or “Hotkey Switch” under U400 to finish the setting modification:

1. Restart PC and press “Fn+F2” to enter BIOS upon Lenovo logo interface. If “Lenovo” logo doesn’t appear at bootup when restart PC, it means that fast boot is activated. In this case, shut down PC, press “OKR” button, select “Enter Setup”.


2. After enter BIOS, Select “Configuration” menu.

(1) For IdeaPad U300 series  , set “HotKey Mode” as “Disabled” and press F10 to save and exit. See Fig.3





(2) For IdeaPad U400, set “Hotkey Switch” as “Legacy Mode” and press F10 to save and exit. See Fig.4:




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