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Problem about switching to external display with FN hotkey on Lenovo laptops


After installing or upgrading to Windows 7, display hotkey switch no longer works. It is invalid to press FN+F3. No window pops up.


Hotkey switching needs support from Energy Management (build-in quick launch buttons drive) or Quick Launch Buttons Driver. The above symptom is a normal phenomenon in the earlier versions of Lenovo laptops which do not support Windows 7.

1. For earlier versions of laptop, you can switch to external display with WIN+P.

2. If pressing WIN+P is invalid, switching to external display through the control panel of the display adapter is recommended. In this way, you can get the best effects.

3. For the latest laptops, you will only need to install Energy Management driver. See Fig.1.


4. The latest laptops include but are not limited to IdeaPad Y450, Y550, Y650, K43, E43, Lenovo 3000, G230, G450, G550, G430, and G530. For those laptops, the effect of pressing WIN+P can be achieved through pressing FN+F3 (may be different in some machines) because of modification made in BIOS.



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