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Notebook Carrying Cases (Topload, Backpack, Messenger, Sleeve, Protector, Roller) - Reference Guide

Case Family

IdeaPad 12" Top Loading T220
IdeaPad 12W Carrying Case (55Y9267)
IdeaPad 15" Toploader T150
Ideapad 16" Toploader T360
Lenovo 15.6" Toplader YC300 (78Y7299)
Lenovo 15.6" Toploader T1655-WW (78Y7332)
Lenovo Sport Slimcase - Red (0A33896), Blue (0B47298) and Grey (0B47301)
ThinkPad 12.5” Ultrabook Topload (0B47416)
ThinkPad 17W Business Topload Case (43R9117)
ThinkPad Basic Case (43R9113)
ThinkPad Business Topload Case (43R2476)
ThinkPad Casual Topload Case (4X40E77332)
ThinkPad Deluxe Expander Case (43R2478)
ThinkPad Essential Topload (57Y4309)
ThinkPad Essential Topload Case (4X40E77328)
ThinkPad Executive Leather Case (43R2480)
ThinkPad Professional Topload Case (4X40E77323)
ThinkPad Professional Slim Topload Case (4X40E77324)
ThinkPad Ultralight Topload (0B47307)
ThinkPad Ultraportable Case (41U5062)


Lenovo 15.6" Backpack YC600 (78Y7300)
Lenovo Performance Backpack (41U5254)
Lenovo Sport Backpack - Red (0A33896), Blue (0B47298) and Grey (0B47301)
Samsonite 15" Backpack CB650
ThinkPad Active Backpack Large (4X40E77336)
ThinkPad Active Backpack Medium (4X40E77337)
ThinkPad Business Backpack (43R2482)
ThinkPad Casual Backpack (4X40E77333)
ThinkPad Essential Backpack (57Y4307)
ThinkPad Essential Backpack (4X40E77329)
ThinkPad Slim Essential Backpack (57Y4308)
ThinkPad Ultralight Backpack (0B47306)
ThinkPad Professional Backpack (4X40E77324)
ThinkPad Ultra Backpack (4X40E77330)


Sleeve, Sling, Tablet case
IdeaPad 13" Sleeve S135
IdeaPad Tablet K1 Case KC200
ThinkPad 11W Case Sleeve - Reversible (57Y4286) - Previously named as ThinkPad X100e Case Sleeve
ThinkPad 11W Sling Case (57Y4287) - Previously named as ThinkPad X100e Sling Case
ThinkPad 12W Case Sleeve (51J0476)
ThinkPad 13W Case Sleeve - Reversible (57Y4293)
ThinkPad 14W Case Sleeve - Reversible (57Y4294)
ThinkPad 15W Case Sleeve (51J0477)
ThinkPad 11" Fitted Reversible Sleeve (0B47408)
ThinkPad 12" Fitted Reversible Sleeve (0B47409)
ThinkPad 13" Fitted Reversible Sleeve (0B47410)
ThinkPad 14" Fitted Reversible Sleeve (0B47411)
ThinkPad 15" Fitted Reversible Sleeve (0B47412)
ThinkPad X220 Tablet Sleeve (0A33883) - For ThinkPad X220 Tablet
U series 13.3" Sleeve UC200
U series 14.0" Sleeve UC201


IdeaPad 15" Messenger Case M150
Lenovo Messenger Max (41U5253)
Lenovo Sport Messenger - Red (0A33896), Blue (0B47298) and Grey (0B47301)
ThinkPad Casual Messenger Bag (4X40E77334)
ThinkPad Ultra Messenger Bag (4X40E77331)


Carry Case
ThinkPad Executive Leather Carry Case (4X40E77322)


ThinkPad Casual Tote (4X40E77335)


ThinkPad Helix Protector (4X40G29906)
ThinkPad Helix Quickshot Cover (4X40G41583)
3M Anti-Glare Screen Protector for ThinkPad Helix (Type 3xxx)(4Z10G95468,4Z10G95469


ThinkPad Professional Roller Case (4X40E77327)


Topload-Sleeve Sets and Messenger-Sleeve Sets
ThinkPad 14W Ultrabook Topload and Standard Sleeve Sets - Black (0B95750)
ThinkPad 14W Ultrabook Topload and Standard Sleeve Sets - Brown (0B95751)
ThinkPad 14W Ultrabook Topload and Small Sleeve Set - Black (0B95758)
ThinkPad 14W Ultrabook Topload and Small Sleeve Set - Brown (0B95757)


Additional Information - Personal Systems Reference (PSREF): Comprehensive information on features and technical specifications of Lenovo products - A web-based, accessories compatibility configurator


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