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S405 LCD displays dim once installed Windows 7 with Windows 8 BIOS

Statement Discription

Customers give feedback that Lenovo Ideapad S405 Windows 8 preloaded machine displays dim once installed Windows 7 OS.

With Windows 8 BIOS:
S405 installed Windows 7, its LCD brightness displays dim, about 50% brightness of maximum.
Once installed Windows 8, S405 LCD brightness works fine, 100% brightness.



Affected configurations

The above symptom may occur on the systems:

Lenovo IdeaPad S405 installed Windows 7 Opearating system with Windows 8 BIOS.



This is known compatibility issue between Win8 BIOS and Win7 OS.
There are 101 steps on brightness setting in Win8 OS, but it only has 16 steps for Win7. That’s why there is dim display issue. Based on the company policy and strategy, Lenovo only provide the mini support on this kind of compatibility issue, and will not do the program update.

Customer should understand and be reminded that Windows 8 fully supports Windows 7 application. And there is no hardware defect on this issue. Once the machine is restored by Windows 8 recovery media, its original brightness will be resumed.


  • Alias ID: IN20130123-001
  • Document ID: HT076504
  • Letztes Update :26 Mar 2014
  • (c) 2014 Lenovo