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A720 touch screen insensitive issue


Customers may find A720 touch screen insensitive, and it cannot support Ten-point touch.


Affected configurations

The symptom above may occur to the following systems:

IdeaCentre A720



Most of issues reported from customers are normal phenomenon. In order to avoid some misunderstandings and let our customers have a clear idea, we have summarized the below Q&A list.

Question one: While playing the "Fruit Ninja" with touch screen, some fingers are insensitive sometimes.
A: Not all software and games support Ten-point touch. For example, the "Fruit Ninja" supports eight points touch only.

A720 can support Ten-point touch, but there are different functions in every software and games.

Here are some of bundled software and games’ function.


There are different specifications for different software and games, with different sensitivities/precision under different scenarios. So customers may have different experience. Please consult the software developers for a specific reply.

Questions Two: The touch screen is insensitive, or the line is interrupted while using the "Paint" to make a line.
A: A720 has a capacitive touch panel, easily influenced by high-frequency electric field of fluorescent.
Suggestion: Be away from the fluorescent. Do not plug the A720 and fluorescent lamp’s power cord into the same power outlet. If you use the same power outlet, the high-frequency electric field of fluorescent will be passed to the A720 and disturb its touch screen. Also please keep the power outlet grounded well.

Question Three: When I touch the screen, it does not respond intermittently.
A: When users have a mouse and also the mouse is moving, touch screen cannot respond. This is a normal phenomenon; A720 systems can only receive one coordinates signal.
Suggestion: When using the touch screen, please avoid slight movement of the mouse.

Question Four: When I touch the screen, there will be contact migration and touch point is inaccurate.
A: For single-point touch, Win7’s offset standard is 2.5 mm. Contact migration in 2.5mm is normal phenomenon; Contact migration in 5mm is normal phenomenon when doing multipoint-touch.

Question Five: When I Touch Windows 7 desktop, it will occasionally malfunction or some fingers without reaction.
A: Windows 7 desktop only supports single-touch, if two fingers or more touch screen, the desktop will not respond to touch signal, this is a normal phenomenon.

Question Six: Multiple fingers marking lines at the same time, some finger may not respond.
A: Windows 7’s offset standard is that each span of points is 15mm. If the span is less than 15mm, and then the system may not respond, and cannot make the line. This is a normal phenomenon.

Suggestion: If customers want use multiple fingers marking lines, please keep each span greater than 15mm, and do not let the nail touch the screen.


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