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How to determine my Driver Version in Windows 8, or Windows 7



This document is created to guide user on how to find the device driver version in Windows 8 or Windows 7.




Device driver information is located within "Device Manager", and "Device Manager" is located within "Control Panel".

For Windows 8: Begin at Step 1, and skip Step 2.
For Windows 7: Begin at Step 2.

  1. Open the "Control Panel" App by typing "Control Panel". The Apps results for Control Panel should appear. Select Control Panel App. For more information on "Control Panel" go to Microsoft Support: Windows 8: Where is Control Panel?
  2. Go to Windows Start button and choose Control Panel.
  3. Type "Device Manager" in the top right search box which says "Search Control Panel".
  4. Choose "Device Manager" as shown in the screenshot below:
  5. Expand the respective component driver which you would like to check and double click on the driver:
  6. Example of the pop will appear as shown below. Go to "Driver" tab and you will see the "Driver Version".
  7. Compare your driver’s version with the Driver Matrix.


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