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Cannot get "Lenovo Wireless Device Settings" window by "FN and F5"


 “Lenovo Wireless Device Settings” cannot be enabled by “FN+F5”, though wireless network card and Bluetooth physical button have already been turned on and Lenovo energy management driver (shortcut) has been properly installed (energy management icon is shown correctly in system tray). How to solve it?




The above symptom may occur on the following systems:

All Idea Laptops




Problem analysis:

To optimize system startup speed,  user will close some shortcuts in startup folder by msconfig or using a third-party software which will lead to the malfunction of shortcuts. By pressing “Fn+ direction key”, LCD brightness and volume can be adjusted correctly, however, the relevant brightness or volume bar will not display on the screen during adjusting. On the Fig.1 below, the startup items in Windows XP are listed out. (Click “Start” button” --> “Run” and type “msconfig”)



To resolve the above issue, please follow the steps below:

  1. Check the checkbox of “utilty”, click “OK” to save and exit and restart.
  2. The problem should be resolved after restart.
  3. Press “FN+F5”, the correct interface “Lenovo Wireless Device Settings” will display as Fig.3. The interface will be different due to different versions of power/energy management software.



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  • Letztes Update :18 Mar 2015
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