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Screen resolution can not be fixed at 1280 x 800 - Lenovo N500 or G530 (MT 4446)


The LCD resolution can not be fixed at 1280 x 800 in Windows although the resolution of 1280 x 800 is supported.

Affected configurations

Any of the following Lenovo systems running Microsoft Windows 7, Vista or XP maybe affected by this symptom

  • Lenovo N500
  • Lenovo G530 (MT 4446)



Please click here to download and update the following BIOS package to fix this problem.


How to use WinFlash to flash BIOS in system:

  1. Right click and open the BIOS flash package. Choose Run as administrator (Attention: double click the package can not run this program in Windows Vista)
  2. A WinRAR self-extracting window will pop up.Click Install button.
  3. Click Flash BIOS button.
  4. A warning window will appear to ensure user of the system power, flash information and etc. Click OK. The Flash BIOS will run automatically. Please wait until BIOS Flash is finished. After the BIOS is updated, the system will re-boot automatically. Re-flash BIOS step to complete.


Additional information

This BIOS package is only for non-HDMI Platform on Lenovo N500 or Lenovo G530 (MT: 4446). For other G530 system (MT: 4151), flashing this BIOS package by accident, will cause a No HDMI Function side-effect. When this happens, you can flash back to the previous BIOS version by clicking here and downloading the correct BIOS packages for G530 (MT 4151).



  • Alias ID: MIGR-75121
  • Document ID: HT002446
  • Letztes Update :03 Mar 2015
  • (c) 2014 Lenovo