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Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) Update Utility for DOS - ThinkServer TS430

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BMC update utility

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README for BMC update utility
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This BMC update package enables you to update the server BMC.
Supported systems
  • ThinkServer TS430 (type 0387, 0388, 0389, 0390, 0391, 0392, 0393, 0441)
Supported operating system
  • DOS
Version History

<Complete version history of released code>

Summary of changes
where: < > Version number
[Important] Important update
(New) New function or enhancement
(Fix) Correction to existing function

<Version 4.00>
(Fix) - Fix Java 7 security issue.

<Version 3.80>
(Fix) - Fixed LED blink once and always-light with redundant PSU configuration.

<Version 3.70>
(Fix) - Fix DIT LED abnormal with redundant PSU configuration.

<Version 3.60>

  • Add locking power switch through IPMI command feature.
    £¨The default state is unlocked. The IPMI command for locking power switch is "0x00 0x0A 0x01"; The IPMI command for unlocking power switch is "0x00 0x0A 0x00")
Downloading the package
  1. Click the file link to download.
  2. When prompted, select a drive and directory to save the downloaded file.
Installation Instructions

Please refer to README for driver installation instructions.

Previous versions
FileVersionRelease dateDescription 3.80 12 Nov 2013
BMC update utility (.zip)
tehbmc20sr15.txt 3.80 12 Nov 2013
Installation instructions for BMC update utility 3.60 26 July 2013
BMC update utility (.zip)
tehbmc06sr17.txt 3.60 26 July 2013
Installation instructions for BMC update utility
tehbmc05sr17.tgz 3.50 25 Mar 2013
BMC update utility (.tgz)
tehbmc05sr17.exe 3.50 25 Mar 2013
BMC update utility (.exe)
tehbmc05sr17.txt 3.50 25 Mar 2013
Installation instructions for BMC update utility

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