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System NIC may fail to connect properly - ThinkCentre M81, M91, M91p


The user may encounter one of the following errors and the NIC may not connect at a selected speed such as 100/Full and Auto Negotiation fails.

Event ID 27: Network link is disconnected.
Event ID 33: Network link has been established at 100Mbps full duplex.
Event ID 34: Network link has been established at 100Mbps half duplex.

Affected configurations

The above symptom is associated with, but not limited to, the following systems:

  • ThinkCentre M81, M91, M91p

Applies to:

  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional
  • Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition

The system is configured with one of the following:

  • 82579LM and 82579V NIC

Additional Information:

The desired NIC speed should be setup in the Network Connection Properties.


Set for Auto Negotiation, if this fails, then set the Network Connection Properties for the desired speed.

Also in the registry check for string LinkNegotiationProcess. If this entry is present then change the value to 2.

If this entry is not found, then add to the following:


One the right side, add the string, then set the value to 2. Exit regedit, reboot the system.

  • Alias ID: SF11-D0160
  • Document ID: HT062426
  • Letztes Update :17 Jun 2014
  • (c) 2014 Lenovo