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Windows 7 and Windows 8 dual boot issue


It is unable to run Window 7 OEM after installing Windows 8 Customer Preview Version on separate HDD.

When installing on a separate HDD (external or internal) Windows 8 Customer Preview Version, the Windows 8 boot menu appears. However, the screen goes blank when choosing Windows 7. The only way out is hard reset of the notebook or PC.


Affected configurations
  • All Ideapad configured with two separate HDDs or with external HDD and with Windows 7 32/64 bit operating system.



To boot into Windows 7, instead of Windows 8 Customer Preview Version, is to enter boot menu during pc’s boot by pressing F12 (on most notebooks and PC’s) and choosing the hdd on which Windows 7 was installed. If booting without pressing anything, the system will boot into Windows 8 by default unless the boot order in BIOS is changed.


  • Alias ID: IN20121016-001
  • Document ID: HT075386
  • Last Updated :26 Feb 2015
  • (c) 2014 Lenovo