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Q180 no sound from audio port issue


SPDIF/headphones/microphone doesn't work through the normal sound port but can get sound through HDMI output.

In Device Manager, there's an error code 10 and yellow exclaimation mark for High Definition Audio Controller.  Updating driver could not help.


Affected configurations
  • IdeaCentre Q180 DOS version with E6KT11A BIOS



Window 7 Home Premium 64-bit installation comes with options of UEFI and Legacy boot. However, the 32-bit does not have UEFI boot option. The UEFI boot is a much newer form of installation than the Legacy. E6KT11A BIOS will lead UEFI boot. If you install the machine using UEFI boot, you will have the issue of not having sound from the sound port (except HDMI), hence, you should install Windows 7 64bit by using Legacy boot as the only option.

To avoid using UEFI, please follow the instructions below when Windows installation starts:

1. Boot your machine and hit the "F12" key to go to the Boot Manager.

2.Once there you will be given 2 options. UEFI BOOT and LEGACY BOOT (see illustration below).

Startup Device Menu 

3. Select Legacy.

4. Proceed with the Windows installation.

Once it completes and loads to Windows 7, install all drivers from and the sound error should not appear.


  • Alias ID: ID20121016-001
  • Document ID: HT075385
  • Letztes Update :26 Mar 2014
  • (c) 2014 Lenovo