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How do I order parts or find parts information?

  1. How do I order parts
  2. How do I order replacement/upgrade parts for my computer?
  3. How do I find the service part numbers for my computer?
  4. Need to buy Options no longer marketed by Lenovo?
  5. How do I get a maintenance or replacement manual?
  6. Where can I view the status of my warranty?

How do I order parts?

For current or recent-generation systems, please visit our parts page to order common replaceable parts such as batteries, notebook power adapters, notebook docks and port replicators, desktop keyboards, mice, hard drives, or memory.

In general to find parts for your Lenovo PC, please visit

If you require a part that is not as commonly replaced as the above examples (for example: notebook display screen, notebook keyboard, fan unit, power supply please Call Us.

How do I order replacement/upgrade parts for my computer?

Accessories, parts and upgrade options are all available in the Accessories and upgrades section on Alternately, please Call Us to order parts.

How do I find the Service Part Number for my computer’s parts?

Please use the Lenovo Parts Lookup page to find the replacement service part numbers (FRUs) for your Lenovo system.

Need to buy parts no longer marketed by Lenovo?

Lenovo works with a selected companies to offer after-market parts through the Options Continuation Program. These resellers are chosen for their proven track records in delivery and customer satisfaction. They are authorized to offer new, used, or refurbished parts and accessories and provide upgrade opportunities to our customers.

Where can I view the status of my warranty? 

The status of any warranty associated with a Lenovo system can be checked at our Warranty Status Lookup section. You will be required to enter your system's Serial Number in order to view warranty status. Additionally, you may upgrade or extend your active warranty in this section.

How do I get a maintenance or replacement manual? 

System manuals are available online in the User Guides & Manuals section. Select your computer model using the options provided to locate a variety of manuals for your specific system. Due to our green-minded business practices, hard copies of system manuals are not available from Lenovo

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