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Summary of changes for video driver (ATI Mobility Radeon, FireGL PCI Express-2) for Windows Vista - ThinkPad R60, T60, T60p, Z61m, Z61p

Summary of changes

Version 8.383.1.1-070621a-049739C

  • (Fix) DVD movie full screen playback is not smooth in battery operation using interlaced movies.
  • (Fix) ATI display driver package is shown as 'Not installed' in Software Installer and ThinkVantage System Update applications.
  • (Fix) In Event View under Diagnostics Performance, critical log, which shows shutdown process is delayed by ATI display driver, is recorded.
  • (Fix) Display position of the extended desktop is changed after re-docking the system.
  • (Fix) Magnification values in Full Screen Magnifier application appears twice.
  • (Fix) After closing LCD and re-opening the lid on a system connecting external display device, the display does not return to LCD.
  • (Fix) Some items in ATI Catalyst Control Center under 3D Settings are missing.
Version 8.343.3-070209a-044755C
  • (Fix) Hotkey 'Toggle internal panel scaling modes' in ATI Catalyst Control Center does not work.
  • (Fix) After opening Select a language in the preferences menu of the ATI Catalyst Control Panel, Notebook Panel Properties in Catalyst Control Center is blank.
  • (Fix) When changing LCD expansion setting, screen rotation angle is set to 0 degrees.
  • (Fix) Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese are swapped in the ATI Catalyst Control Center.

Version 8.33.6-070105a1-041058C-Lenovo

  • (Fix) Fixed many bugs.


  • (Fix) Fixed many bugs.
Version 8.29.100-060814a-035664E-Lenovo
  • (New) Initial beta release for ATI Video Mobility RADEON 1300/1400 and FIREGL V5200/V5250.

Affected configurations
Any of the following ThinkPad systems:
  • ThinkPad R60 (ATI video model)
  • ThinkPad T60, T60p (type 20xx, 26xx, 87xx)
  • ThinkPad Z61m, Z61p (ATI video model)


Click here to download the latest Display Driver (ATI Mobility-RADEON/FIREGL:PCI Express-2).

  • Alias ID: MIGR-67655
  • Document ID: HT036705
  • Letztes Update :17 Jun 2014
  • (c) 2014 Lenovo