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Windows Store Applications for Large Enterprise (Most common files)


Note: You have agreed to this End User License if you download any software from this page

Lenovo Support
Support Lenovo Support tells you everything you want to know about how your machine is performing and gives you access to all warranty and service information in one place. Windows App v1.1
Metro Dependency v1.x
Settings Dependency v1.x
Deployment Guide
Lenovo Settings
Settings Lenovo Settings gives you access to all your device controls in one place. Windows App v1.3.x.x for Windows 8.0
Windows App v2.x.x.x for Windows 8.1
Settings Dependency v2.0.x.x for Windows 8.0 and 8.1
Deployment Guide
Lenovo QuickCast
quickcast Extend your Lenovo experience by easily sharing content between devices through Lenovo QuickCast. Quickly share your music, photos, videos and documents to your friends, family and colleagues . Lenovo QuickCast drops the hassle of connecting devices and content, by making it easier and faster to communicate, share, and collaborate. Windows App v2.0 (for Windows 8)
Windows App v2.5 (for Windows 8.1
Metro Dependency 1.x

Not a Large Enterprise, go directly to MS Windows Store:

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